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It’s a new month and Google has released their latest security bulletin for Android, releasing details about the latest patched Common Vulnerabilities and the related patches for supported Nexus and Pixel devices.

As usual there are two patches, one for the first and one for the 5th. Manufacturers can include the 1st but will miss out on some patches included until next month. In the 1st of March patch, there are 3x Critical, 8x High, 9x Moderate and a single Low severity CVE, while in the 5th of March patch there are 8x Critical, 22x High, 8x Moderate and again, a single Low severity CVE.

The patches are included in the latest factory images released on the Google Devices Software page:


  • Pixel (NOF27B)
  • Pixel XL (NOF27B)
  • Pixel C (N4F26T)


  • Nexus 6 7.0.0 (NBD92E)/7.1.1 (N6F26U)
  • Nexus 6P (N4F26T)
  • Nexus 5X (N4F26T)
  • Nexus 9 LTE (N4F26T)
  • Nexus 9 Wi-Fi (N4F26T)
  • Nexus Player (Waiting)

OTA images for the updates appear to be up as well if you’re wanting to install just the incremental update.

No reports have been found of any of the reported vulnerabilities being exploited as yet, but make sure you accept and install the patch just in case. OTA’s should be rolling out to supported Google Devices from today, and other OEMs supporting monthly updates should be soon to follow.

Source: Android - March - Security BulletinGoogle Device Factory page.
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    Smart lock home location bug has been fixed with this patch on pixel xl