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Now that Mobile World Congress is out of the way, the tech news press has turned its mind to the anticipated launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 in mid-April. Today, we’re seeing some very clear pictures of the device, not just renders as well as some information about the expected release and cause of delays. Yep – Samsung has sprung a leak again.

The latest images come courtesy of a number of sources including friend of Ausdroid Evan Blass (aka Evleaks) with this cracker, noting that the launch may be delayed until April 28th due to some last minute technical issues.

Sounds like low yields on the 10nm SoCs (SD835/EX8895) powering S8 could be the main reason for the sched change.


SlashLeaks have a front profile picture of the S8 in the flesh showing what appears to be the S8 Edge.

If you go back to a slightly earlier post by /leaks – they have some photos that reveal even more about the device such as USB-C, a headphone jack, possibly IR blaster, the placement of some of the sensors and even the absence of Samsung’s distinguishing home button.

As a consumer I’m thrilled to see these early images of the device but what scares me is that if these leaks continue to flow so freely, will the top manufacturers consider stopping supply of their upcoming flagship devices to case makers to maintain secrecy? Because this will only be detrimental to those of us that are prone to dropping devices.

What can you see in the leaks that is making you consider the Galaxy S8 as your next device?

Source: EvleaksSlashleaks.
Via: 9 to 5 Google.
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IT Enquirer

Stupid curved screens!


if the picture of the white phone is the S8 edge, sign me up scotty I want one know.


I can see that you’re excited (so em I ) but the sentence will make a sense only if you take away the k from the last word! cheers

Chris Mac

Actually, I think ‘know’ is ‘now’ with a Scottish accent..


Actually….is this what you ‘think’ or you (k)’now’, like a fact?

Chris Mac

Lol! Know I know.

Jamie S

Bigger batteries, more energy efficient Exynos processors and on screen navigation keys for me


too many sensors on the top O_0


Wikileaks says Scamsung is in collusion with CIA to spy on yous.


CIA spy on me? I feel important now!