For anyone who’s tried to get assistance from Google Assistant with messages, you may have hit something of a roadblock in the response “I can’t see your notifications yet”. The good news is that there is an update (looks like server side as there is no update required on devices) rolling out that allows the assistant to not only display but interact with your messages.

Simply asking Google Assistant “Show me my messages” or “Do I have any messages?” will now give you an easy scrolling display of your most recent messages (NB most recent, not unread!), but it will also ask you if you want them read to you.

From what I’ve seen so far, it works with your default SMS client but seems to work best with Google Messages (which is what I use on my Pixel XL) over other options. Other reports suggest that it is working well on both Hangouts and Facebook Messenger, but there’s no way I’m letting Facebook read my SMS.

As noted earlier, this appears to be a server side update that is not yet available to all users so be patient if you’re not seeing it just yet because it will come very soon.

What functions would you like Google Assistant to have that would make it more functional for you?

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I wonder if this is the reason Hangouts is suddenly able to handle SMS again.

Bootloops Anonymous

Pro tip, Once you have assistant, you can change straight back to Australian English and still keep it. You’ll just need to retrain your voice model.

Jamie S

I heard from a YouTuber in the US that Allows is also working too but I haven’t seen it yet. I do have SMS though


Now they just need to fix the bug in the SMS system where when messages are deleted (not just archived in Android Messages) the order of recent messages gets messed up meaning when you use Google NowAssistant to read last message it often picks the wrong one. Requires either a device reset to fix or an app that has ability to trash orphaned sms.

Dean Rosolen

Is there an easy way to check if Google Assistant is live? Seen some reports from India saying that Assistant is now live there.

John Bousattout

Have you tried asking it?

Dean Rosolen

I was hoping for something more discreet so that I don’t get any funny looks from the rest of my family. Would a long press of the home button trigger Assistant when it goes live?