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Anyone remember when Android phones did NOT leak every single detail before their announcement? Me neither. Today we see yet another Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ leak following on from the multitude of leaks in previous days. Todays leak centres around the pricing and colour availability of the S8 and S8+.

Today’s leak is courtesy of Roland Quandt, European tech journalist, who obtained the information from a European retailer.

The price of 800Euro fits with the premium market price, slotting in around the $1200-1400AUD mark. This is being generous and only adding on a few hundred dollars for the Australia tax. Roland does also say that the pricing does vary by country, as do possibly the available colours. Black and silver are not much of a stretch but violet as the third colour is… different. We rarely get all colours here in Australia but I would expect us to get both the black and silver (after the colours are given some funky marketing names) at a minimum.

Of note is the fact that only one storage option was listed at the source but that would be an unusual change for Samsung to make, given basically every other phone out there comes in multiple storage options.

For those who need a reminder of how the Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to look, check out the pictures below which were leaked yesterday. We can see a USB Type-C port as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack and possibly a single speaker grill.

Anyone looking to make this phone their next? I admit I’ve never been a big fan of Samsung devices but these are two good looking devices.

Source: Android AuthoritySlashleaks.
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maxwell brigenza

i will wait till it drops in price..

orlando thompson

US700.00 bucks well see soon….. the real prices.

orlando thompson

I’ll buy it the day of US.SPRINT Release. C’mon April.Ready for the upgrade from my s7.edge.wow.looks nice.


Prices should be taken with a pinch of salt…Europe has very high VAT and their prices are generally pretty steep.

The S7 launched at $1149, S7 Edge at $1249…I would espect the new phones to be in the same ballpark ($1200ish for the S8, $1300ish for the S8+ perhaps)


Prices are seeming to be ratcheting up over the years for these premium devices.
Will this result in the telcos being able to attract people to pick up contracts again as the out right cost could be a turn off.
Or is it an “in” for the OEMs to provide more leasing services to their device?

Jamie S

I’ve only bought phones outright for the last 10 years or so but I’m starting to think getting a flagship on a plan with a “new phone feeling” for $100 -$150 every year may be a better way of trying out the newest devices without forking out $1200-$1400 in one go. I pay $50 for a Sim only plan with Telstra so for another $50 a month I should be able to get the latest and greatest.


Yeah, at first I scoffed at the new phone feeling from Telstra, but now it might not be such a bad idea…

These phone prices are insane.


I used to come here to check on the latest phone news, but now I feel like dating beautiful Russians… Lol.


Yeah Australian women are a waste of your time! Eastern women are real women like Russian. You are a lucky man like me 🙂


If that proves to be around the mark then it’s way out of my price league unfortunately, but I totally understand why people will pay it – it’s a premium device. I currently have an S7 Edge and to be honest the curved screen has really got on my nerves despite how sexy it (and the S8) looks.


Anyone who pays $1,400 for a phone has more money than sense. You could buy 2.5 OnePlus3s or 4 Xiaomi Mi5s’s with that amount.


I could buy 20 Nokia 520’s for that. Anyone who pays >$500 on a phone has more money than sense.
See what I did there? Just because you don’t value technology or phones, doesn’t mean everyone else feels the same way.
Anyone with sense wouldn’t buy either of those imports anyway, especially someone in the market for a top end phone.


> Anyone who pays $1,400 for a phone has more money than sense.

You are talking about the market segment they are all chasing. And since all the major brands are trying to get those 80% profit margins it continues to run away from sanity.

Still, on the grey market this will be down at $750 before long.


and those 1+’s and Xiaomi’s don’t have local support. For some, that’s priceless