There are so many MVNOs out in the marketplace at the moment that it is hard to keep track of them all. From the MVNOs’ side of things, it is hard for them to get a look in. One way for them to get a look in is to offer crazy deals and today Kogan Mobile have done that.

For just $1 NEW Kogan Mobile subscribers can try out Kogan Mobile for one month on their Extra Large plan. The Extra Large plan, normally costing $49.90 includes unlimited (with a star) standard calls and texts and 14GB of data — all for use within Australia only. This is a prepaid plan with “no hidden fees”.

How to take advantage of this offer

To take advantage of the offer head over to the Kogan website and purchase the prepaid plan for $1. Kogan Mobile will then send you a “30 Day 14GB EXTRA LARGE Voucher Code” via email along with instructions of how to activate your plan. Once you receive your SIM from Kogan Mobile head on over and activate it and redeem your voucher. Once you apply your voucher, you are not required to pay any additional charges for the first top up and as the plan is prepaid once the first month is up if you do not want to continue it will just expire.

The deal looks like a great way to test out the Vodafone network (including all the 4G towers) that Kogan use for a very small fee. Having not used the Vodafone network for a long time, and with Easter holidays coming up to me the deal is a perfect way to get an extremely cheap 14GB of data to use while away and at the same time check out the Vodafone network.

The voucher does not expire until June 30, 2017 and must be used before then so you have a long time to use it. As stated above the offer is valid for new Kogan Mobile customers only and you will need to provide your own device to use the Kogan Mobile SIM in of course.

My advice, get on it! For $1 prepaid and 14GB you can’t go wrong.

Source: Kogan.
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Cheers, gonna give them a try!