Are you sick of it yet? The Samsung Galaxy S8 rumour-mill. I think I am. Is there anything we don’t know just yet? Well, it’s time for what is seemingly your daily dose of Galaxy S8 rumours — this time courtesy of KGI Securities.

Yesterday we saw the Galaxy S8 show up in the wild again as well as some shots from case and skin manufacturers. Today, KGI Securities, usually known for their iPhone rumours, have released their investor note regarding the Galaxy S8 release. Some of the information they have provided is already known but there are a few new interesting tidbits.

Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities “confirms” that there will be two size variants, which we have already seen in the wild, 5.8in and 6.2in display versions. The smaller will have a battery size of just 3000mAh and the larger a 3500mAh. Not surprisingly, both are AMOLED displays with resolutions of 2960×2400 pixels. All displays will have the curved display and will all lack a physical home button. Kuo also says that the six cutouts at the top of the display that we have seen in the leaked images are for “a proximity sensor, ambient light sensor (ALS), IR-LED transmitter and receiver for iris recognition, front/ sub camera, and receiver.”

The much anticipated Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 will appear in the US, Japanese and Chinese models of the Galaxy S8 but the models for the European market and the rest of Asia will be powered by the Exynos 8895 processor. The South Korean and Chinese models will both receive 6GB of RAM while the rest of the world will receive 4GB (this is sounding like a lot of different SKUs will be required). The charging port, not surprisingly, will be USB Type-C.

The back of the phones will be covered in glass that will come in seven different colours — gold, silver, bright black, matte black, blue, orchid, and pink (it is unlikely we will see them all in Australia though based on previous experience). The back of the device will house the camera and to its right, the fingerprint sensor, as expected. The left of the camera will be the flash and the heart rate monitor.

The cameras will be 12MP for the rear camera and 8MP for the front camera — apparently Samsung believe that the dual rear camera option is too expensive and technology too immature to include.

Samsung is expecting to ship just 40-45 million units in 2017, down on the 52 million Galaxy S7 units that were shipped in 2016. How the Note 7 fiasco affects this number is unknown but it is not expected to amount to much if any negative affect.

The Galaxy S8 models will go on sale on April 21st and although this is US dates, we expect it to be as close to a worldwide release as is possible. If anyone in the Android world has the capapcity for a worldwide release it is Samsung. With the announcement of the Galaxy S8 not until the 29th of March we expect to see many more “leaks” and rumours before then, although I am not sure what is left to find out about it. One thing for sure, Samsung are certainly building up the hype for this device and will likely continue to do so until Thursday next week (Australian time).

Anything left you want to know about the Galaxy S8 models? Are you considering buying one? Should Samsung have included a dual camera like Huawei and LG have?

Source: 9to5Google.
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Steven Clark

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Serg Serkan Varol

Curved screen is terrible! I am hating my S7 edge! I have always been a Samsung fan and never broke any of my Samsung phones before this brand new S7edge phone! It is the crappiest phone from Samsung! Im really losing interest and so are my friends if they continue the curved screen gimmick! It just adds more problems to the phone as my palms keeps pressing the screen and screen goes crazy! Like come on Samsung! You didn’t foresee this happening? Hope that the note8 wont be curved. If so I’ll definitely move to an IPhone! S7 edge ?

Senrab Nala

Rubbish… No better camera.. no better battery… I was suckered into getting note 5 after they said the lag was fixed and here I am with major problems.. battery dies fast.. huge battery drain..
Gets hot.. laggs have to reboot. I’ve tried everything short of flashing. I’m just over Android it’s a mess. Not refined enough and to many issues. Sadly I’ll be getting an iPhone for the first time. Always an Android person but enough is enough it’s rubbish.


Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Bye

Cameron Jones

What I am worried about is the price and going of the price for Eur leak we are looking at 1100 for the s8 and 1200 s8+. Let’s hope not as it will make picking the LG g6 at 899 more of a better price point to pick from over the s8. But I could be wrong. (Eur leak was 799 and 899)

Campbell Sinclair

Exynos is fine and the equal of the snap dragon


I am confused about something, maybe someone can clear it up for me…
How does the 2960×2400 resolution work? That would make the screen almost a square. Isn’t the screen meant to be taller and narrower?


The aspect ratio won’t be 16:9 or 16:10 but longer to accomodate on-screen buttons which is a first for Samsung

Jonas Quinn

That figure is clearly wrong. Most likely it will be 2960×1440, as previously rumoured.


3000mAh battery on 2k 5.8″ screen will make users recharge every 3 hours! Well done Samsung.


A lot of whingers complaing same old super amoled curved 2k screen wireles charging quick charging and one of the best cameras out there, when iphone people get by with a 750p basic old lcd screen half the ram and none of the other features. The iphone 8 wants all these old features, spoiled brats


i think a bit of perspective is in order. there has never been the perfect phone. ther is always something missing. imagine how much the “perfect” phone would cost


Agree. Perfect will never happen, especially when features get dropped. How about bringing TV IR remote functionality back?


I’d very much like to know the measurements for the larger model.


comment image


That is super handy. I am coming from a 6P so I am very intrigued by the slimmer width. I’m unsure about losing the speakers and curved screen but wireless charging and SD expansion are features I know I am missing every day.


I was but i hate the curved screen on the S7 edge so i don’t think I’ll update this time around.


what don’t you like about the curved the screen? Ghost touches?


I don’t like the way glare looks on a curved screen, flat screens are easier to manage the glare as there’s only one angle

IT Enquirer

Agreed. Curved screen is a useless gimmick which makes the screen even more prone to breakage.

Campbell Sinclair

My S7 edge main board fried itself so I git an A5 to tie me over until the S8

Stephen Lundquist

I’m with Derek, why can’t the US get the better processor and 6 g’s of ram?

Major Sceptic

Well i would also feel a bit flat if the 6gb ram model was not at least offered as an option in my neck of the woods , but in my book the 835 soc is a very desirable chip , from what I’ve seen and read it is a good improvement across the board over the 820/821 chips . I know last year’s exynos chip was pretty good ,and no doubt this year will probably be good too , But for me i will be disappointed if the 835 doesn’t get to my region(by the sounds of it it… Read more »


so its a S7 edge again. Great job Samsung for the US gets the same phone again. Send us the better processor and more ram version, if not i am done on Samsung phone and will make the change to Google or Nexus soon.


No dual camera. I had a v20 and the dual camera sucks big monkey. If Samsung would have put a dual on it I probably wouldn’t get it.. Until they can learn to make the picture but look distorted it’s not worth having.. Every picture taking with dual you can tell because it’s so wack

Billy from the Bayou

Are you mentally challenged Cobber?