If you’re serious about your online security, then you might consider a virtual private network (VPN). VPNs add an extra layer of security to your Internet browsing when connecting to public networks. Not only do they encrypt your data that’s going through the network, but they can mask your IP address. Most VPN services come with a monthly fee. That said, there are many that offer free trials or money-back guarantees so you can find the best service fit for your needs.

Every now and again, Ausdroid accepts a sponsored story about VPNs to help highlight the choices that exist. Here’s six VPN providers which offer free trials and software designed for Android, so feel free to check out your options below, listed in no particular order.

1. VyprVPN

VyprVPN is a good VPN option for Android users. It’s completely compatible with Android devices and even features an Android app. It offers over 700 servers in more than 70 locations with over 200,000 IP addresses. That gives you tons of options for connecting to the Internet anonymously, and you can even customize your VPN connection.

VyperVPN boasts fast servers and no third parties, meaning they manage their own hardware and software to ensure your data privacy. Start your service with a three-day free trial. If you like what you see, upgrade for as little as $5 per month for unlimited data usage and simultaneous device connection.

2. SaferVPN

SaferVPN offers everything you need in a VPN provider. Use the service to browse the Internet anonymously, secure your data when surfing the Internet, and access restricted websites. It’s designed to work with all your devices, including Android.

SaferVPN boasts 256 Bit bank-level encryption, lighting-fast servers with unlimited bandwidth, and smart Wi-Fi protection. Plus, they write all their own code and manage their network themselves so you don’t fall vulnerable to third parties. They feature over 400 servers in 30 countries. Start your trial free, and then enjoy all their benefits for under $4 per month when you pay for two years’ worth of service.

3. Invisible Browsing VPN

Invisible Browsing VPN is one of the more affordable VPN services. Its network spans over 130 servers in 47 countries with over 500,000 users. They offer 24-hour support seven days per week. Their service works with any device, from Windows to Android. Plus, their service is unlimited, which means you won’t have to worry about bandwidth restrictions, speed issues, or data transfer limitations. Some packages also feature simultaneous device connection, and the service is great for heavy streaming.

Test Invisible Browsing VPN out with full functionality for a free 24-hour trial, and then choose from one of four great packages for $3.08 a month. If your free trial wasn’t enough time to test the service and you aren’t impressed after signing up, they also offer a 15-day money back guarantee.

4. Cactus VPN

Cactus VPN offers both VPN and smart DNS services. Use their VPN services to secure your public connections, encrypt your data, and hide your IP address so you can surf the Internet from a virtual residence, keep your identity anonymous, and browse securely.

Your 24-hour free trial allows access to all Cactus VPN’s servers and protocols with no trial account restrictions. There aren’t even any bandwidth or speed limitations, and you won’t see any unwanted ads. No credit card is required, so there’s no risk to try it out. If you like their service, you can earn rewards for referring your friends.

5. NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the best options for Android thanks to its double data encryption technology, lightning-fast servers, multiple device support, and much more. They feature over 700 servers worldwide in over 55 countries. They call themselves the “easiest VPN ever” because you can “just click and go.” They never log your activity, and they even feature an automatic kill switch to ensure your data is always kept secure. Use NordVPN on up to six devices at once, and download the app for your Android device. There’s no bandwidth limit, and you can even pay for your membership using bitcoin!

NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like all the security features they have to offer, there’s no risk for signing up.

6. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN calls themselves a “#1 Trusted Leader in VPN.” They’re all about security, speed, and ease of use. Enjoy super-fast streaming from anywhere, hide your IP address, encrypt your Internet data, and access sites outside your country. Their apps are available for almost all devices, including Android. Their 256-bit encryption and SSL secured network ensures your data will be kept safe as you browse.

Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited speed, and unlimited server switches makes this VPN service one of the best. Connect to over 145 servers in 94 countries on up to three devices at once. All of this comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Free VPN services aren’t always the way to go, but getting started with a free trial is a great idea if you need a one-time-use VPN or want to test the services out before subscribing. Which of these VPN services above will you try?


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    John Bousattout

    Private Internet Access is my go to. It’s running on my synology NAS at home.


    A more important question is which of these VPN providers keep a log. When I was searching around for a good VPN, the only one I found back then that didn’t keep a log was Private Internet Access. For USD40 per year, I get a good selection of connection locations, reasonable speeds and no logs for someone to look at and work out which IP address was used by whom. And PIA works on all Android and OpenVPN. They also have their own Android App which works really well. Would I recommend PIA? You betcha.


    Agreed. I’ve been using PIA at home for several years without a single issue. Didn’t realise they had an Android app, will look into that!


    This is well timed. I’ve been using PureVPN but they have became painfully slow to connect and the speeds have dropped considerably since I started with them a year ago. I’m thinking of going with NordVPN, has anyone got any feedback on them?


    Hey guys, post your coupons for the above VPN’s.
    I know NordVPN has an offer of 72% off for 2 years with code 2YDeal2017.


    I use PureVPN and has been great, pretty standard speeds, but the price for 2 years is really cheap. They did one annoying thing once and suspended my account when I went overseas. They “detected” that I was not logging in from my usual country and I had to email them to ask them to re-connect me.
    I’ve also used CyberGhost, again the usual good speeds, but their plans, upgrades etc were confusing and misleading so I moved to PureVPN.
    Oh well that’s my 2c worth!!


    Opera VPN is a good free option if all you’re looking for is a simple way to access blocked content.

    Daniel Narbett

    I’m finding TurboVPN is the best I’ve tried. It’s free, unfortunately, so no way to remove ads or support developers, but simple and works.

    I tried PureVPN (based on the Ausdroid article btw) for over a year, and it was appalling. Unusably bad, dropouts, failures to connect, died after a single web page usually. Oh and complex to use.


    Sadly those are the things you only find out by trying; PureVPN is easy for some things, and yet complex for others. For example, I prefer OpenVPN software to third party solutions, and with PureVPN, that wasn’t especially easy to set up.

    Dan Goodes

    Chris, you’ve got two 3s here mate – 6 VPN options for the price of 5 😉


    Early morning copy editing is not for everyone 😉