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It seems appropriate that after no Galaxy S8 leaks yesterday that we have an absolute trove of them today. This morning we covered several in a single roll-up post but in chanelling one famous telemarketer, but wait that’s not all. This evening we have seen a couple of Galay S8 back panels leak as well as a “dummy” phone (same as those used in a store).

My new favourite leaker, Slashleaks or /Leaks, has done it again. Firstly with a black dummy model of the Galaxy S8 that gives a decent view of the phone from a few different angles. To start with, the black is VERY black and I’m sure the marketing folk at Samsung will name it Midnight Black or something similar. There are a few views of the bottom of the device showing a single speaker, a USB Type-C port and a headphone jack (a welcome inclusion most will agree).

Not long after that @Slashleaks followed up with the Galaxy S8 back cover in both silver and black. The silver is very silver and the black, once again, very black. We know from this morning’s piece that there will be other colours available as well but apparently only the black, silver and gold will be available here. The back covers once again confirm the presence of the fingerprint sensor on one side of the camera and the camera flash and heart rate sensor on the other side. The camera flash and heart rate sensors have seperate holes for their functionality.

This morning I signed off saying that we expect even more leaks in the coming days. Seems I was not wrong and it’s a fair bet we will see even more before the announcement on March 29 (US time) in New York. Stay tuned for all the latest Galaxy S8 details.

Source: SlashleaksSlashleaks.
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Don’t understand the offset fingerprint sensor. I’ve tried it on my 6P and the center feels much more natural but maybe that comes from the way I hold the device – it’s large so you need to hold it differently. I guess it works and will work on a smaller device but surely left handed people would want to put their finger on the other side?


thats a very good point. It is going to be weird switching sides when you log in with different hands at different times… time will tell I’m sure.