The team over at Slashleaks clearly have a good source because they’re getting a lot of information on the no longer secret; but soon to be launched Galaxy S8 from Samsung.

Today they’ve got a couple more images and a video of the device.

The first tweet is linked to a YouTube comparing the device to the iPhone 7 Plus. If the video is true to what Samsung plan to release, there will be some vibrant colours to choose from alongside the standard ones we’ve come to expect.

The second is another profile photo of the upcoming beauty from behind.

Adding to this, TechTalk have some images and details of the S8 Plus in Gold with a bit of a look at the launcher and UI setup included in their YouTube video

There’s a lot of information already available, images and even video of (supposedly) the Galaxy S8 and there’s surely more to come with almost daily leaks at this stage.

What, if anything can Samsung surprise us with at the launch of the Galaxy S8?

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Is this the iPhone 7 in jet black? Samsaung when will you learn.


The suprise I’m hoping for is S Pen compatibility. A seperate S Pen works fine for me!

Shakeel Ali

Not sure if anyone else saw this, but why is the Fingerprint sensor in two different locations in the first video? I know at this point the phone has been leaked to hell, but its odd that they would change the physical position of a hardware button for no apparent reason.