Who likes surprises? We all do! HTC Taiwan obviously does, teasing an ‘unexpected surprise’ on their Facebook page coming on March 20th.

The teaser is listed with a ‘spring themed’ picture that says simply ‘Spring is coming’, though what it’s referring to is up for some discussion. HTC has only just gotten their U series phones, the Ultra and Play, into a number of markets so it’s most likely not a Snapdragon 835 packing phone that will arrive later this year coming along to replace them, not just yet.

HTC has been looking around at other product categories for some time, they started with the HTC Re action camera, before partnering with Under Armour for their Health Box range and Valve for the HTC Vive. Could it be one of these types of launches? Could it be a software surprise? The theories are coming thick and fast, so what do you think it is?

Source: HTC Taiwan.
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    With a bit of luck, it will be a Smartwatch running AW2.0. If they release one at a decent price, I will most likely purchase one. But as a bare minimum, it will need to have Heart-rate Monitor, NFC, GPS and something akin to Sapphire Crystal glass. Personally, I am not in the LTE camp because the is what the phones are for.


    Hopefully the HTC 11 / Ocean / Ultra Smart, this was missing from the Ultra launch??