OPPO Project Spectrum Killed Off or “On Hiatus Until Further Notice”?

In a surprise move OPPO has told Ausdroid that “all Project Spectrum is on hiatus until further notice at this point in time”. Whether this means that development resources have been removed from this project for just a while or it’s dead altogether remains to be seen.

Oppo Project Spectrum was a stock Android experience ROM which included custom Oppo software for the camera and other binaries required to make the phone run.

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Ausdroid’s read on OPPO’s statement is that they decided Color OS is now better than it was and so users shouldn’t be unhappy with it versus stock Android.

This is a disappointing move by OPPO. Ausdroid Daniel Tyson has previously declared that: “with more ‘stock’ Android software like Oppo’s Project Spectrum becoming available for phones, it’s a real win for consumers both here and overseas.”

Senior Ausdroid Associate Duncan Jaffrey has also expressed his support for Project Spectrum in the past: “Oppo Project Spectrum, a stock Android experience which includes custom Oppo software for the camera and other binaries required to make the phone run”.

If you’re disappointed by this news, let OPPO know by commenting on this post.

" Neerav Bhatt : @neerav Neerav has been interested in Android phones since he bought the 1st one ever released (HTC Dream/G1). He has never bought an Apple product :-) His dream phone would have stock Android OS, fast high-res camera and swappable 4000mAh battery. A high performer in multiple fields, Neerav has worked as an IT Support Analyst, Mainstream media writer/Photojournalist and University Research Librarian.."

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  • Knew about this around June last year. Someone on project spectrum "leaked" that oppo shifted pretty much everyone from spectrum over to colour os or another area within the company and it just went silent in the oppo forums not long after as no one was maintaining spectrum and the moderators just jumped ship. I like the hardware Oppo makes (currently using a R7 Plus as my current phone is getting fixed) but their software lets it down. There's nothing wrong with colour os but the fact that after 2 years the R7 lineup still hasn't received a official update to marshmallow let alone nougat speaks volumes. There decision to also lock down bootloaders completely with no way to unlock them also completely shows the company has left their developer friendly persona in the dust. The R7 Plus is a beast on CM13 (Los would be my next step but issues with phone calling stop me from making the switch) with 6-8hrs of sot so as a phone it's great and i have no issues with it but would i buy a oppo outright again or on a contract. No. Their lack of software support kills it for me but for a family member who wouldn't care. Yes. good hardware with decent software but maybe not at their current prices.

  • Project spectrum was the only hope of me ever buying an oppo phone. Oppo doesn't need us stock Android craving westerners to survive. Shame really as some of their phones are quite nice.

  • Lol. If you believe Chinese OEMs, you'll believe anything. I had the Find 7 for two years and the software was forever beta. Spectrum was a joke. And the successor Find 9? An urban legend. I read once again of this mystical Phoenix of a phone making a grand entrance in 2017. Now it's clear. Oppo has lost its way.

  • To the people saying ColorOS is fine, are we using the same software? It's like a half-baked, buggy, pathetic attempt at mimicking an iPhone.

    If I'm gonna pay more than $300 then at least have the decency to either sell the handset with bug free polished software or give me the option to change roms. Oppo has chosen to do neither and in the process has caused me to return my garbage A57 for a refund. It's a shame because I liked the hardware but what's the point if the OS is sh*thouse.

  • I'm going to buy the Google Pixel next time. I am sick of phone makers forcing their bloatware on us.

  • I got my daughter an Oppo for her birthday, and she hates the way the OS looks and feels so much like iOS. She would be MUCH happier with a true Android experience.

  • So i have a samsung S7 Which is fantastic but wanted to buy another phone as a spare so decided id buy an OPPO F5 "A73" (CPH1725) as the phone looked nice what a complete fucking waste of $260,

    User interface is SHIT more like an iphone in which if i wanted an iphone i would have bought 1, theres no menu ????? device is SLOW compared to my S7 and i mean slow !!! Your app setup is shocking oppo colour OS is nothing but a joke,

    I didnt find out it didnt have fastboot either until i tried to unlock the bootloader and finally rid myself of your shitty iphone rip off SHIT you call "COLOR OS" and put something half decent on it that actually resembles an android OS but do you think i can do that NO can i take it back NO,


    It also amazes me that my device has 3 model numbers for the device 🤔🤔🤔 so is it a F5 or a A73 or CPH1725 ?? who knows who cares even my kids didnt like it after i gave it to them to use as a toy they cant even figure it out but can use any other brand tablet or phone android OS 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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