Google’s Area 120 startup incubator, has just given birth to its first ever product — a social video app called Uptime.

However, there is a little bit of a catch with the app – its for iOS devices only.

So what is Uptime? Well basically the idea being that is that you download the app, log in with your google account and then find and follow your friends on the app. The coolest feature for me at least, is that you can watch YouTube videos LIVE, yes watch YouTube video’s LIVE together in a group in real time. Throughout the video your character avatars journey their way around the outside the video frame to show your progress with the video.

Basically it is quite similar to Facebook Live video feeds, with the ability for you to add Facebook Live-style reaction emoji as you go along in the video and react, along with written comments sort of similarly to Soundcloud and other media platforms.

There are comparisons being made to the app having a sort of Snapchat-esqe feel and from checking it out on my iPad, I would have to somewhat agree.

Google haven’t stated if or when an Android version of the app will become available and there isn’t any web version of Uptime at present. It’s also unclear if the app will enjoy continued support or how long it will stay around but if you want to have a look at the app, you can view it here through the Apple App Store.

Source: Android Central.
Via: iTune Apps Store - Uptime.
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Ausdrod article
its for iOS devices only

Um is this Engadget??

Daniel Tyson

We love the concept of the app and we’d love to see it on Android. We’ve covered iOS stuff before like GBoard when it launched on the same basis.

I like the idea of what this does so I can watch stuff with my wife or friends while I`m away from home.