Welcome to Samdroid. Or is it Aussung? No, last time I checked it’s still Ausdroid but it seems that every second post I write at the moment is dedicated to the upcoming Samsung flagships. We are 10 days out from the announcement and the leaks keep coming. Overnight there has been a deluge of images of the Galaxy S8 and the S8+ leaked via various Twitter accounts.

One source of many of our leaked images in the buildup to the Samsung Galaxy S8 announcement has been /Leaks or @Slashleaks. Overnight they were busy again with some hi-res images of Galaxy S8 dummy phones, one in black and one in what looks to me like purple but he/she says is blue.

A newcomer to the leaking field, KK Sneak Leaks, has also managed to get their hands on some Galaxy S8 images, and not all of them dummy pictures. Check out all the pictures below, including those of what is defintely a mauve or purple this time and what seems to be the boot screen of the Galaxy S8.

So many images but do they tell us anything we didn’t already know?

  • It is still tall and slim,
  • It still comes in a very shiny black (althogh someone did point out to me the other day that the S7 dummy was piano black shiny but that never landed),
  • It has a curved display,
  • It has a headphone jack next to the USB Type C port at the bottom with a single bottom firing speaker the other side,
  • The SIM tray is at the top of the device alongside a Qualcomm 4G sticker
  • There is a power button and volume rocker on the left hand side

The right hand side of the device seems to house another button but if the power button and volume rocker are on the left hand side of the device what does that leave the right hand button to be? Any ideas, thoughts or speculation?

The other leak to come from /Leaks overnight was the image showing the AnTuTu Benchmark score of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Someone in the comments there linked to the original YouTube video of the leak. As we did not report on it at the time I have linked to it below. While the score is massive, keep in mind that the processor used in this score was not revealed so we may not be getting this version and that it has long been known that benchmarks can be, and often are, “gamed”. My thoughts are that they should ALL be gamed. Let us know how good they can operate if we push them to their limits but no one listens to me. Watch the video below and prepare to be amazed by the score before remembering that benchmarks mean little in day to day use and overall experience.

Is there anything left for us to know regarding this phone? Seems like we know, or think we know, everything of value. Stay tuned to the next leak post we write (most likely Monday morning) and the many more coverage we will give the devices coming up to their official reveal on March 30, 2am (AEDST).

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still has the poxy square camera lens surround, in spite of all the technology advancements inside and front-side they still persist with the single most unsophisticated design detail known in mobile device history

The Focus

Wow I meant amazing.