Wednesday , June 6 2018

Guess Connect Android Wear 2.0 watches coming soon

The premiere watch expo, Baselworld, opens this week but ahead of the opening some new Guess branded Android Wear watches have surfaced.

Guess will be bringing two versions of their new Android Wear 2.0 watch to the market in a 44mm and a 41mm style. At this stage they seem to be focussing the smaller version on the ladies market and the larger the mens. The leaked image is hopefully of the 41mm because they certainly do not look like they are designed for men.

The watches will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 CPU and will be launched running Android Wear 2.0. At this stage that is all we know about the watches. We do not know the memory, the size of the face, the presence of NFC, heart rate nor GPS. We do know some of the gaudy designs they are offering (hopefully there are better ones in the 44mm version) as seen in the header image above. There will also apparently be hundreds of combinations of watchfaces for the user to choose from.

The Guess Connect smartwatches will not be available until later this year with the Australian Spring/Summer being the expected launch date.

The unanimous daily lamenting in the Ausdroid headquarters over the sheer inability of watch (and other) manufacturers to continually totally miss the mark when it comes to Android Wear 2.0 watches is epic. They’re either too big, display too small, lack NFC, lack a digital crown or all of the above.

Hopefully with the upcoming watch expo Baselworld 2017 this might change. Our hopes lie with the Guess Connect and other traditional watch manufacturers lifting the floundering Android Wear platform that the usual manufacturers (including Google) seem to be failing so badly. The only one that I would even consider is the new TAG Heuer but who has that much money to spend on a watch that will be outdated in a year or two. Do you agree with me? Sound off below in the comments your thoughts on the current offerings.

Source: Wareable.

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  1. I have a Samsung Gear S2. I don’t see any Android Wear watches tempting enough to buy one at the moment.

  2. I still wear an Android wear watch but i’m not particularly optimistic about the future. Here’s hoping Fossil do something decent. For me that would be some kind of rotation input (a crown or bezel are both fine), nfc, atleast 2 day battery life and gps would be nice but is not a necessity. I’d rather not have gps it if it results in a sacrifice to the battery life when not exercising. Lte/4g seems a bad trade off at the moment and so i’d rather not have it. I don’t think Australia has the two sim, one number solutions required to make it work optimally but i could be wrong. Not to mention the battery life drain.

    In terms of looks, I don’t particularly like the shown watch faces but they’re not horrible. A change to the colour schemes could potentially make them amenable to me. The watches themselves are okay, they look like female variants to me. If the silver or gold watch wasn’t gem encrusted i don’t think i’d have a problem wearing them or a similar style.

    At least with so little known there’s something to at least have some hope for in android wears future haha.

  3. Android wear is definitely in a bad way. I’ve heard several Android fans and YouTubers say that if you want the best smart watch at the moment, buy an Apple watch.

    • Sad to hear. I have no experience with the apple watch but have little doubt it’s probably better than the androidwear competitors. For me I just can’t stand its rectangular look no matter how good it may be. Not to mention the fruit logo and associated hip pocket cost.

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