I’d like to apologise to you all for yet another Samsung Galaxy S8 leak post but it would be remiss of us not to at least have one post with all of the random Galaxy S8 images that surfaced overnight. Is it nearly the 30th of March? Anyone else suspect Samsung had this planned so that every single piece of news item is about them and isn’t getting lost, for example, in the lead-up to MWC and other launches?

I won’t string this out but will just say that we saw /Leaks (@Slashleaks) come out with a few showing images of a Galaxy S8 dummy phone compared to a Galaxy S7, the Galaxy S8 with display on, the Galaxy S8 side by side with an iPhone 7 and a Galaxy S7 Edge, and finally the AKG earphones that come in the box with the Galaxy S8. KK Sneak Leaks chimed in with a couple of their own showing the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus turned on as well as an actual hands on video of a violet coloured Galaxy S8 (which looks like a dummy phone). Check them all out below:

The striking one here is the comparison to the Galaxy S7 Edge in my opinion. It is astounding what Samsung have done with minimising the bezels compared to last year’s flagship. The display looks amazing in all shots and the curved display really does make the phone look stunning, although I still hear a lot of complaints about everyday use with the curved display.

That will do for this morning. Sound off in the comments below regarding your thoughts on not just the phones themselves but the prevalence of all these leaks. Seems to be so much more than in previous years — and yet there is still 10 days until the official announcement. Stay tuned.

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David Jacka

OMG! That music on the video! I was waiting for the person’s hand to get cut off or something.


I like that they are trying out more peculiar colours like violet; I liked it more in name than in the video, but I’m all for more out there choices!

I don’t like that now they have on screen buttons they feel the need to make their own icons for them :P. But then Samsung gotta be different… Least they’re better looking than the Sony ones. Hopefully reversible though, being software there’s no good reason to now be able to swap the back and multitask buttons.


As soon as I saw the fingerprint scanner next to the camera I was done. Can’t believe that positioning got the go ahead.

I’m way more interested in the next Pixel.


i agree totally. it is definitely a weird position, as if they DO NOT want you to use it for fear of smudging the camera lens… they’d better hope their iris scanner unlock is actually as fast and accurate as they say it will be


Poor pet!


iPhone 2017 will have finger print scanner directly onto the screen.