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Pre-order the LG G6 from March 22 through Telstra and get a free Smart TV


LG is kicking off their G6 launch in Australia tomorrow with pre-orders for the phone going live with Telstra ahead of their March 28th launch.

Telstra is the exclusive telco partner for the G6 in Australia. To really drive pre-orders for the phone, a decent pre-order bonus of a 43″ LG SmartTV to anyone placing a pre-order for the G6 on a $95/mth or above Go Mobile Plus, Go Mobile Swap, My Business Mobile Plus or My Business Mobile Lease plan for 24 months.

It’s an online redemption offer being extended to anyone who orders the phone between the 22nd March 2017 and the 9th May. Once you’ve pre-ordered you’ll have to head to the lg.com.au/G6promotion website to redeem your TV.

The TV is a FUllHD resolution (43LH600T) LED LCD TV which runs WebOS, LG’s SmartTV software platform of choice. It’s not a bad option if you’re looking for a decent panel for TV viewing.

The pricing for the pre-order bonus ($95 per month) is quite high, but as we saw the other day in leaked pricing there are other options if you want to grab just the phone.

Telstra Mobile Plan $55 plan $75 plan $95 plan $135 plan $195 plan
Go Mobile Plus $27 $16 $6 $0 $0
Go Mobile Swap $17 $6 $0 $0 $0

Telstra will be offering the phone for outright purchase around the $1,000 mark making it quite aggressive pricing for the phone here in Australia. Aggressive pricing, plus a head start on Samsung and the Galaxy S8 which has yet to even be officially announced could be a winner.

You can check out our hands-on coverage of the LG G6 here, but we’ll know more about the local variant of the LG G6, including information about the DAC and Wireless charging, when we attend the launch event on Monday.

Pre-orders will open tomorrow through Telstra.com/lgg6 so check in tomorrow morning to get your pre-order on.


  1. Why can’t Telstra just offer the G6 for a decent price?

    Useless “bonus” gimmicks are just a sleazy marketing trick.

  2. That’s a great deal. It’s a pity I recently purchased a 40 inch 4K TV. Maybe the retailers will come up with a similar offer for a wireless charging solution?

  3. Hmm, tell you what, forget the $800 TV and just take that off the asking price of the $1000 phone, deal?

    • Not sure of your age, but my mum said when your got nothing good to say… shuddaup!. Nothing wrong with Telsta’s mobile network. All telco’s have issues from time to time. I personally find them very reliable and a pleasure to be with.

  4. $1000 ish from Telstra outright, or wait a little and get an import online for about $650. At least that’s what happened with the V20. Google it and see for yourself. A Hong Kong version will have the same frequency bands as the Australian one. We are so ripped off here.

    • True, but if there turns out to be an inherent fault in the phone, do you want to pay shipping costs back and forth to get it repaired/replaced? That’s always been a sticking point for me.

      I import a lot of my phones taking that chance, so I completely agree it’s worth looking around for better pricing but it’s something to consider.

      • There is also a mob I use on ebay that you only need to send the phone to Sydney and they do the rest. They have even been accepting G4 bootloops months after warranty and throw in a free battery/charger combo.

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