Wednesday , June 6 2018

Daily Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks round up – including more @evleaks

Good morning from Samdroid, or was that Aussung? One thing I am certain of is that someone over at Samsung definitely knows what they are doing. How much media are we seeing about the Samsung Galaxy S8 at the moment? Do you think the saturation of coverage would have been this significant if they had released it at MWC alongside the Huawei P10 and the LG G6? Unlikely. Instead they have had the tech media all to themselves.

The LG G6 got some publicity before MWC but there was so much going on that it wasn’t 24/7 LG G6 was it? Now the LG G6 has been announced but are we seeing much about it? Not last time I looked, and it still isn’t out yet. Expect Samsung to do the opposite and release the phone not long after launch to capitalise on all the hype they have created since MWC.

Speaking of hype once again a trove of Galaxy S8 images surfaced overnight (and a video). Most of them came from Slashleaks but a couple from newcomer KK Sneak Leaks, but as usual the quality leaks from Evan Blass continue, the original is still the best right? Without further ado here they are:

Evan has just tweeted this complete set of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus press renders offering a front, side and rear view of both devices in all the colours – Black Sky, Orchid Grey, and Arctic Silver.

The pictures of the device itself do not give much new information but we now can see some information inside the settings page. We see that while the S8 will have a 2K display the user will be able to change the display resolution easily using a slider. Lowering the resolution should lower battery consumption.

We also see a Galaxy S8 in a grey (looks purple to me) colour which is unlikely to arrive here given the history of colours launching in Australia. There are a lot of colours available for the Galaxy S8 and we have been told that they are region specific so we will have to wait until March 30 to find out more (unless that too leaks before then).

Until March 30 I’m afraid we will have to keep covering these leaks. Some of them are significant but there is a lot of the same being repeated over and over again. Are you being bored to death by all these leaks (we will assume orchestrated by Samsung) or is it building your hype for wanting the phone?

Scott Plowman   Associate Editor

Scott is our modding guru - he has his finger on the pulse of all things ‘moddable’, pointing us towards all the cutting edge mods hacks that are available. When he’s not gymming it up, or scanning the heck out of Nexus devices, you'll find him on the Ausdroid Podcast.

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  1. Unlikely to arrive here. Your dashing my dreams Scott. Of all the new phone announcements the only Android device I am looking at getting to replace my deterioting z3 compact was the S8 and while I could settle for black or silver that orchid grey is the pick of the colours to my tastes.

    If it fits in my from pants pockets (my existing phone which is over a cm shorter in height has trouble on some pants with small pockets) and my bank account allows it this is my next device. If not and I’m forced to replace my Z3 due to failure which I fear will happen soon given the screens been pulling away from the body for the past half year. Looks like a normal sized 4.7″ iPhone or even an SE will have to be my replacement. I find it hard to believe and disappointing that not a single Android manufacturer makes a reasonably spec’d phone that I consider a normal size.

    • I’d go the grey one too​ , the only thing I’m not sure of is the dimensions of the device , I prefer a full size screen is: not just tall, but enough width that gives a decent size keyboard size for big hands.
      I’d go a note 8 if it was not going to be too long , but that’s still a way off.

  2. Personally I’m kinda enjoying the leaks (in a ‘shut up and take my money Samsung’ kinda way), but the daily pictures don’t seem to add anything. You can only see a blurrycam shot of a rounded rectangle so many times before it gets a little tired…

  3. So here’s my dilemma. My Nexus 5x which i really like and upgraded from the 5 has decided to throw in the towel. So i need a new phone. Do i go for the Pixel or wait until the Pixel 2 which is rumored for October and use a cheap phone or avoid Google and go the S8 in April which i have avoided as i like the vanilla style of the nexus line or something else.

    • Go a Moto Z or Z Play :P.

    • What’s the warranty on the 5X?

      I’d get a Pixel. There’s no way the S8 will top it. It’ll just come with a predictable list of gimmicks, slow updates and laggy performance in a few months. It’s always the same with Samsung devices. It just is. The headline feature of the S8 looks to be tiny bezels. so freakin what?

      • Not sure if serious 😱 , I wouldn’t have a pixel just on principal , it is basically a mid range device with a huge flagship price , not to mention the array issues people have reported with the device .
        Mate I wouldn’t trade one for my dodgy G5 which I still think is better.

        • montalbert_scott

          i still think the Pixel is the best phone available. I have not had a single issue with my Pixel XL. None of the other Ausdroiders have either- and we all have them. Sure it’s expensive but so will the S8 be. It is now 5 months old remember so of course the specs aren’t going to be as good but the software is immaculate and runs so much faster than anything else

      • Warranty only a year so it’s out of warranty and discontinued so getting help from Google ain’t going to happen. Am leaning towards the Pixel but got my old Nexus 5 up and running so hopefully it will last a little while until i make my mind up.

  4. Nicolas Wingding Redfern

    Why are you apologising for something you obviously love to report on? This is an Android page, obviously you would write about it. If you don’t want to report it…..don’t. Just don’t be weird about it.

    • Scott never apologised that I could see in the article and I read it twice to make sure. He did use the phrase “I’m afraid”.

      The amount of S8 leaks is ridiculous. I can’t recall any prior phone leaking this much. Which was the point I think Scott was trying to make 😉

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