After launching their Freeview app for Android devices (phones) in November last year, Australian digital TV aggregation service Freeview has updated the app to support Android tablets.

The app update brings the functionality in line with that of iOS devices which have enjoyed support on the iPad since the app initially launched. Freeview offers live streaming of 20 free-to-air TV channels – including all the major stations and their digital sub-channels – as well as catch-up content from all of these networks. Freeview on tablets makes great sense given the larger screens on these devices, which make for a much more compelling experience for video consumption.

Freeview CEO Liz Ross said

Freeview FV is a great way for consumers to access their favourite content, anytime, anywhere, and we’re pleased to be able to roll out the app on Android tablets, giving consumers even more choice and flexibility in how they choose to watch their TV. We’ve seen a really great response to Freeview FV since the launch last November, as users make the most of the app’s live and catch-up content to stream news and entertainment on their morning commute, or their favourite TV programs in the evening

Of course our biggest bug bear with the Freeview app is the lack of Chromecast support. In terms of bringing Chromecast support to the app, Freeview has yet to make any solid plans, instead focusing on releasing incremental functionality updates to their existing app catalogue. This could of course include Chromecast support down the track, but at this stage there are no solid plans to announce.

If you’ve been waiting to get the Freeview app on your tablet, then you can now do so. Head over to Google Play and install it now.

Price: To be announced
Source: Google Play.
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Joshua Hill

I’ve had this on my Xperia Z3 tablet compact for months now. It’s an absolutely horrible app but I had no trouble installing it on a tablet.

Is this just a new optimised tablet interface?


I think, basically, it doesn’t force a portrait view any more.


the catch up service experience is horrible. it simply redirects to google play to download the network own app.


Or AndroidTV for that matter. Hell…not even an AppleTV app.


Still a dog with playing catchup programs. It insists on going off to a webpage and mucking about, rather than just playing the program in the app. Which might explain the lack of chromecast – what’s the point of casting the program that’s currently playing to a TV?