Online electronics retailer Kogan has a reputation for bringing gadgets to Australia before they’re officially available and it looks like they’re about to do the same with Google Home.

Both the Kogan and Dick Smith websites (Kogan purchased Dick Smiths online presence after their collapse last year) list Google Home, but it’s currently listed as ‘Sold Out’. The listing on their website isn’t an indication that Google Home is set to launch here, with the device listed as a ‘Direct Import’, which Kogan often does for these geo-restricted devices. Google Home is set to expand to the UK in June, however Google has yet to announce plans for an official expansion to Australia just yet.

Pricing for Google Home on the Kogan/DSE websites isn’t listed, though was apparently being listed as $158 but this is somewhat under the direct conversion of the $129USD retail price for Google Home which converts to $167AUD – indicating that this was simply placeholder pricing. Currently one of the cheapest ways to get Google Home in Australia is through the B&H Photo Video website which sells the device for $129.99 + $25 for delivery – the total of $154.99USD converts to just over $200AUD so it’s likely we’ll see similar pricing for Kogan when it goes live.

Kogan will allow you to sign up with your email address to be notified when Google Home is in stock on either the Kogan or Dick Smith websites so if you’re wanting to get your hands on Google Home with a more local warranty (this is offered as part of their Direct Import program), then this could be a good option.

Source: Kogan.
Via: Matt Wu.
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    Home has started responding in an Australian accent…


    I wouldn’t rush in unless your needs are basic as there are so many holes with the product it isn’t ready and if Google follows the normal routine it will always be another beta product that does not live up to expectations.
    It is ok for now am happy with mine but time will tell if it will really be the must have we thought it would be.