Samsung’s rumoured desktop dock named DeX which supports a desktop mode for the phone has been rumoured to launch with the Galaxy S8 next week. The dock has just leaked, giving us a look at some specs and even pricing.

The dock leak comes through and shows a dock priced at 149.99 euro which will fold up for easy transport and storage, and is powered by USB-C. The DeX dock includes a number of ports on the dock including Ethernet (100Mbps), 2x USB 2.0 ports and a HDMI port which can output 4K (3840×2160) resolution at 30 frames per second. According to the advert the station (dock?) also includes a cooling fan inside that will help keep the phone running smoothly while outputting 4K resolution.

Exactly how the DeX dock/mode will work with the Galaxy S8 hasn’t been explained, but will most likely operate very similarly to Microsoft’s Windows Phone ‘Continuum’ feature which allows you to plug in the phone to the PC and run apps in a desktop like mode.

We expect to see more about the Samsung DeX dock when Samsung unveils it next Thursday morning at 2am AEDT when they launch the Galaxy S8 (and S8+).

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Great idea but a bit poor specs. You can buy a USB 3.0 Giagabit adapter for $10. Should have been USB 3.0, Gigabit ethernet and Displayport as well as HDMI. Virtually all monitor with HDMI (regardless of resolution) are limited to 1920×1200.


It’s probably more an issue with the connection to the phone chipset rather than the dock itself. If it’s anything like other implementations, this will be a Type-C connector on USB 2.0 standard. Also HDMI can support over 4K output so I’m not sure what you mean there. Daisy chain ability of display port would be nice though.