That moment we’ve all been waiting for, when Nintendo finally release Super Mario Run to Android, has arrived. This morning the app which was previously in pre-register only is now available to install.

Super Mario Run is over 60MB in size so if you are data poor then I suggest you download it over Wi-Fi. The game itself is not available for all devices. For me it was available for the Nexus 6P (running Android O), Huawei Mate 9, LG G4 and ZTE Blade V7 Plus.

The list of devices it was not available for, and I have no idea why, was the Pixel XL, Nexus 7, Nexus Player, Mi Box 3, Nexus 9, Samsung S6 Edge, Nexus 4 and Nexus 6. It is possible that it is not available for tablets and Android TV devices. The omission of some phones has me stumped. I’m sure Nintendo will have some ridiculous reason why and it will come to light in the next day or two.

The game itself is a fun relatively easy running game which has the first three levels of the first world free and then it seems that you will need to play the game a lot and master it (win lots of Toads in Toad Rally or collect a bucketload of pink coins) or make a one off purchase. There is only a single in-app purchase for the entire game which is not too bad. The kicker is that it is $14.99. I’m not sure if this one-off purchase can be used as a family purchase so your kids can also enjoy it but I intend to pay for it on my family Gmail just in case.

The game includes a few characters but with the in-app purchase all characters and worlds can be unlocked. It includes all the usual (somewhat annoying) Super Mario sounds and the menus etc are as far from Material Design as they could be but overall it looks like a fun game. You can also play against your friends and other players from around the world using your Nintendo ID.

If you are interested head over to the Play Store and download it and enjoy the usual Super Mario fun. For those who are unable to download it from the Play Store you can grab it from APK Mirror for now. Let us know how you go.

Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run
Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Price: Free
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Crístian Deives

I was able to install it on my Nexus 7 (2013).

Christopher Dalton

$15 to play after 3 levels? Uninstall. A game that short (12 x 30sec levels) is definitely not worth $15.

Darren Ferguson

There are actually 24 levels all up it seems. They are also pretty hard to master and it remixes up the special coins up to 3 times per level. So that’s at least 72 levels to play if you are perfect and know where everything is already.

Personally I’m just happy to see something that is pay once and lets you have everything. No IAP at all. I wish more games would do this.


Most importantly, it works on my trusty old Nexus 10 🙂


It’d be interesting to see how it holds up/if it is even going to work with the LG G6 when it releases


FYI it’s the first three levels available, not the first three worlds (which suggests 12 levels).

Works on my Moto Z Play – very strange they cut out many Nexii and the Pixel XL – is the standard Pixel not allowed as well?


thanks mate- was a typo…

Not sure on the standard pixel. I think not. a few of Ausdroiders haven’t been able to install it


Works on my Xperia Z3.

Question. Is pre-registering meant to notify you when something gets released? Haven’t ever been notified for anything I’ve pre-registered for. :/


I got my notification from pre-registering this morning before I woke up; but usually the notification comes in well after an app is released, for some reason.


Available for me on: Nexus 6P, Wetek Hub and Samsung Tab S 10.5 SM-T800…

Not available on Huawei P9.

Weird its compatible with Android TV and Tablet for me…


the ripped APK from APK MIrror doesnt work on my pixel XL unfortunately


I got through the first level now getting server errors… Had to uninstall.
I think they may be monitoring it.

Darren Ferguson

Had that as well on a legit device, tried again once or twice and it worked. May have just been everyone jumping on at once and killing the servers a bit.


If I uninstall and reinstall it again, I get another 10 minutes of play…