If no Android Wear watches announced so far floats your boat, then here’s another to check out with Tommy Hilfiger announcing the TH24/7 You Android Wear watch.

The watch will launch ‘later this year’ with prices starting at $299USD. The watch will come with a choice of brown leather or stainless steel strap, though there may be a pricing difference between the two, which hasn’t been announced.

The watch will run Android Wear 2.0, but is missing a number of hardware features like NFC and Optical heart-rate monitor, making taking advantage of Android Pay, and part of the new Google Fit functions in Android Wear 2.0 a little hard.

Whether we see this watch here in Australia isn’t clear, but we’ll find out closer to launch.

Any Tommy Hilfiger fans out there?

Source: @android Wear.
Via: Wareable.
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No NFC not interested. As far as I am concerned, the new SmartWatches must have Wifi, NFC and a scratch-proof glass (looking at you Sony with SW3) as a bare minimum.