As Google is moving into allowing developers to temporarily discount their apps to free, it appears that they’ve begun highlighting a single free app in a ‘Free app of the week’ deal.

The Free app of the week deal category is not actually visible outside the US, however we can still partake in it. The first deal is for Card Wars – Adventure Time, which is discounted to free from $4.99USD for the next five days.

Google began allowing app developers to discount their apps in February. Previously developers weren’t able to raise the price from free once the app was made available for $0.00.

While the free app of the week is US only, Google has made similar app deal focuses for those outside the US. Google introduced a discounted app and game deal of the week back in July 2015, which has seen an app and a game reduced every week. The discounts have been available to users in Australia, the UK and other European countries, but not to those in the US.

We’ve been punching out app and game deal posts every week updating them, so we’ll add the free app deal of the week on as well, at least until Google starts letting everyone outside the US in on the deal.

Source: Google Play.
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    Adam J

    Nice, but seriously getting a bit tired of Google’s US-only propensity across their products in the last 6 months. I know that’s always the case, but the habit seems to have increased recently.


    I love the reports about what is on special this week with google play.. I don’t go to play often where as I’m here at least once a week… and see your post’s in social media..