It appears that Google is working on another social service, though this one is quite targeted rather than a broad social experience. This time, according to TechCrunch, Google is working on a collaborative photo sharing app.

It won’t be yet another messaging app, Google has enough of those, but will be collaborative with the TechCrunch describing it as an app where ‘users can create groups for sharing pictures. And then group members would all be able to edit and tag the same pictures.’

The app would draw upon Google’s machine learning and AI efforts which would allow objects, places and people to be automatically tagged and be searchable in the future. The AI component would also help with adding filters and editing photos as well, similar to the ‘Auto-Awesome’ shots we get in Photos.

The app isn’t a dead certainty for release, though Google did confirm the existence of the app. We could see it at Google I/O, or we may never see it, but that’s pretty common with Google, either way I love Google Photos and would love to see what else they can do in this space.

Source: TechCrunch.
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    Google’s strategy right now – “We could just build this into shared albums in Photos, but think we’ll create another app with less overall features than Photos that does this instead. Because we know people don’t want a single app to do what 7 separate apps can do instead…”


    Google throws everything on the wall to see what sticks.

    Those that don’t stick are killed off faster than you can say ‘check, please’.