Samsung has branched out over the last 8 generations, and they appear to be bringing another one in addition to the already leaked colour options.

According to British site V3, the Galaxy S8 will also be coming in Blue Coral in addition to the Gold, as well as Black Sky, Orchid Grey and Arctic Silver, and there’s even possibly a violet option. The Coral Blue ‘leak’ comes from these images which show the sides, top and bottom of the unit in the familiar shade.

Samsung introduced the Blue Coral colour option on the now recalled Galaxy Note 7, before also launching a Galaxy S7 in the colour soon after. We unfortunately never saw the Blue Coral option of the Galaxy Note 7 before it was pulled from sale, and Samsung never offered it on the Galaxy S7 but does currently offer it as an option on the S7 edge on their website.

We’re big fans of choice when it comes to phone colours. The Really Blue Pixel is stunning, and the Huawei P10 looks great in Blue, as does the HTC U Ultra in Sapphire Blue and quite frankly we don’t mind if blue is the new black.

Source: V3.