How much data is enough? It seems no matter how much we have we always want more. Well now you can have it with Optus introducing two new post-paid plans, both with large amounts of data.

The new Premium My Plan Plus gives the customer a whopping 100GB of data for use within Australia for the not insignificant sum of $160 per month. While not cheap with this plan you can also get any Android phone you want without any extra monthly repayments. The contract for this plan is 24 months. Alongside the new Premium plan Optus have also released a new $130 My Plan Plus choice which gives users who think 100GB is overkill a decent 30GB of data.

In outlining Optus’ strategy to provide customers with all the media they could possibly consume Tim Cowan, Vice President of Mobile Product at Optus, said:

These new plans continue Optus’ mission to provide the best possible value for our customers. We were the first to launch plans that removed excess data fees. Then we made it easier for customers to get their entertainment fix without using their data. Now, we’re raising the stakes again by giving customers even more value – more data, more roaming and data-free entertainment.

The two plans also include 1.5GB and 1GB of roaming data (obviously the Premium receives more roaming data). Premium customers also get fast-tracked when contacting customer service. As with most plans Optus’ data free streaming of many music and video providers is included. If you are skeptical about the quality of the Optus network, Optus do offer a 30 day guarantee where you can cancel your contract at any time within the first 30 days with no fees.

Anyone need 100GB of mobile data? How do you feel about this plan? Go for a mobile broadband plan instead?

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I know it’s expensive, but there are plenty of people out there that spend $100+ per month on Telstra plans and get a fraction of that data allowance. Are we finally entering an era where mobile data is coming down in price and the ridiculous artificial premium vs fixed line data is diminishing?