Back when MWC was on Google announced that Google Assistant would be soon made available to all Android phones on Marshmallow or later. A few weeks ago we reported that it had started arriving for Aussies, but only for those who had changed their default language to English US. Today seems to be the day for Aussies when we will start receiving Google Assistant officially without any changing of languages etc.

We are hearing that Google Assistant is rolling out to their fully fledged Aussie English devices today. At this stage none of us here at the Ausdroid office have received the update but we know at least one person who has. Chris (@fez_spencer), a good friend of Ausdroid, tweeted at us a screenshot of Google Assistant arriving on his Nexus 6P:

At this stage we assume you need your Google Play Services updated and a modicum of luck to receive Google Assistant. There is always the option of changing your default language to English US for those that are too impatient to wait.

Let us know if you have Google Assistant on your non-Pixel device yet. Leave the model and software version in the comments so we can see where the rollout is up to.

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Hayden O'Sullivan

My Nexus 6P is still waiting for it

Russell Sandstrom

Same here on Nexus 6.


Argh..i bet you it is Telstra blocking this!

Dean Rosolen

As much fun as it is to hate on Telstra, I doubt it’s them blocking Assistant as that doesn’t require a system update for devices running Marshmallow or newer. Don’t forget that Google are notoriously slow at rolling things out (so much so that they’ve been dubbed “trollouts” by various Android sites).


There is not one person on Telstra that has assistant…The arseholez are at it again stopping your assistant update!


I just did the set system language to us and clear google app cache/data trick and got assistant. I’ve changed back to Aussie language and rebooted and still have assistant. Might be sticking now if you want to try.

Russell Sandstrom

Nothing on my Nexus 6.
Colleague with a Nexus 5 got the option last week.

Nathan Harris

Still nothing on my Nexus 6p


I’d still like to know if anyone on Telstra have it yet????


I’m still waiting.. Sigh

Liam Morrell

Just got it on my OnePlus 3T running 7.1.1 and language set to Australian after manually updating Google

Sagar Shah

Running 7.1.2 on 6p. No assistant yet.. Anyone on 7.1.2 beta got the assistant?

Liam Irwin

Yeah I got it about a week ago. My partner’s Xperia Z3 on 6.0.1 doesn’t have it though.

Ryan Martin

English Australian worked today on S6 Edge without manual update

Luke Taylor

I was about to comment that I’d got this on the 18th on my 6P, but then remembered I’m originally from the US and am running on English (US). Still good to see this roll out to the rest of Australia though!


i got this a few days ago without the language change (i did change it then changed back right after) on my Nexus 6P. then i got plagued by the Nexus 6P bootloop bug a few days after.

Dean Rosolen

Not seeing Assistant on my Nexus 5X (running build N4F26T) yet.

Google App version:
Google Play Services version: 10.5.53


Have Received Google Assistant on Huawei Mate 9 running Software Version MHA-L09C34B122 and Australian English.

Google Play Services Version – 10.2.98
Google App Version –

Wally Anglesea

Got it just now on my Galaxy S7. Needed to update the google play services manually. Once I did that it all worked.

David Watt

Yea, same here. Updated Google on Play and got Assistant. Not that I’m going to be using it.

Jeremy Yancey

Got it weeks ago on S7.

Chris Dawson

Stupid question, how do you check if you have it? Is it just automatically turned on when you say ok google? (if it’s working?)


I’ve been wondering this myself too. I guess I will see the difference next time I say Ok Google?

Daniel Tyson

Long press the Home button and it should pop up if it’s there.

George Torouno

Got it on my Sony Xperia Z3 this morning after I updated my Google App, the Aussie girl sounds nicer now 🙂

John Bousattout

Congratulations! Can you please post your Play services version number?


Huh, I have had it for weeks.
Oh just realised, I have a google home and had set US for that. Must by why I got it early.

Fez Spencer

My Google Play services is 10.5.37 I am on Google app beta channel, not sure if that’s a factor. Not on Google Play Services Beta though. SO happy when it showed up this morning when I restarted Nexus 6p after a Google app update.

John Bousattout

Any idea what version Play Services should be at? Also, does it just pop up? or does someone need to speak to it?


Given that you can get it merely by changing your language to US English even with play services 10.2.98 which we all have had from 10-Feb, I suspect the play services version is irrelevant. For a non-pixel phone, with AU English, we just have to wait.


I think this is right as my play services version on my HTC 10 is 11.0.55


Have tried to get this working on Ausdroid’s Huawei P10 this morning with no luck … figure it must be a progressive enabling for Australian English.

Yianni soc

couldn’t get it working on my Galaxy S7 nougat device either. even tried the change language to English US. must be Nexus devices first up.

Yianni soc

I got it last night after changing to English US.
So I changed it back to English Australia. Woke up this morning and my Google assistant is gone. Has reverted back to google now.