Google’s journey into Home automation has been a slow process, but it’s picking up steam with Google Assistant. Today, LIFX, the smart bulb company which was founded by Australian inventor Phil Bosua, announcing that from today the bulbs will work with Google Assistant on Home, Pixel and other compatible Android phones.

The ability to speak to your phone, or Google Home and have your lights come on is a lot of fun, as well as infinitely useful. From today, LIFX’s range of Smart lighting devices which includes their LIFX, LIFX + bulbs with Infrared, and their LIFX Z light strips will all work with Google Assistant.

LIFX bulbs and products operate independently of a hub which is required for other products such as Philips Hue range which is currently supported by Google Home.

A range of commands will be available including the option to dim, brighten, and most importantly turn on/off the lights with your voice. The range of commands available to use in conjunction with ‘Ok Google’ includes:

  • “Turn on/off
  • “Dim the
  • “Brighten the
  • “Set to x%”
  • “Dim/Brighten by x%”
  • “Turn [color]”
  • “Turn on/off lights in
  • “Turn on/off all of the lights”

Marc Alexander, Chief Executive Officer at LIFX said of the additional functions

Voice control continues to be one of the most popular ways of interacting with LIFX lights. The Google Assistant brings the power of Google and home control to your house. As a company we are thrilled to continue our great relationship with Google.

If you’re in the market for smart light bulbs, the market just got a lot wider. You can check out LIFX bulbs at Harvey Norman, or through their website.

Source: LIFX.
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    Chad DePugh

    Works terribly for Google Home… Takes 30+ seconds for the lights to turn on/off, or to adjust to whatever you tell it to do… I bought a Smart Things Hub when I first bought these bulbs, and they by FAR are the only thing that reliably works with it…. “hey google turn on the lights” and BOOM they’re on before it can even finish saying “Ok turning on two lights”. But with the dedicated ‘support’ for LIFX now? 30+ seconds if it even works at all…


    Err, well, yes – but it’s not going to be as practical as just saying “Alexa turn on the kitchen light”. Talking into your phone is pretty much the wrong interaction model for something like this.

    John Howell

    Works with Google Home too.


    Works well for me on my Google Home. much better than the IFTTT method. Being able to use it from my phone as well means I can control my lights remotely when needed and yes I do need to.


    Anyone received google assistant update in Australia yet on non pixel devices?


    Received it Yesterday.


    I don’t even have it on my Pixel C!