After listing Google Home on their website last week, online retailer Kogan has begun taking orders for the unit with promises to ship in 2-3 weeks.

Google Home from Kogan is priced at $189, with an additional shipping fee on top. Shipping for me was only $9, bringing the price to $198, a shade under the price for importing Google Home through US based retailer B&H Photo Video. Kogan, under their direct imports program is also offering a locally based warranty service as part of the sale.

Google Home has been so far restricted in sale to the US, but will be making the move to the UK, alongside the Google Wi-Fi mesh networking hubs on April 6th. At this stage, no plans for expansion to Australia has been announced, though Sundar Pichai did say that they intend to bring the device down under at Google I/O last year.

Kogan has Google Home on-sale through their many online stores – Kogan, as well as through Tandy and Dick Smith, Kogan picked up the online business for these two well-loved, but ultimately unviable electronics juggernauts in the past year.

If you’ve been thinking about importing a Google Home, then this is a decent option. There’s quite a few things that could be improved by Google before a local launch of Google Home, but it certainly works well for quite a few functions and makes for a great Chromecast Audio device in the meantime. If you’re interested, head over to Kogan (or Tandy, or Dick Smith) and check it out.

Source: Kogan.
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    ordered about a week ago. Anyone had one ship?


    Arrived today. It seemed like every voice in the office could trigger it. I hope the card for setting up multiple accounts is available here.

    Kogan ships it with an aussie plug but the end that goes into the Google Home is too long so the Home can’t sit flat.

    Michael Weaver

    Love my Google home,
    But unless your a tech that is happy to tinker with your toys keep your money in your pocket.
    There are a number of basic things that Google home can’t do straight out of the box here in Australia.
    NetFlix is a big one – only plays “original content”.
    Missing too is full support for all YouTube content.
    But it’s great to wow your friends


    Bought one. Without hesitation. I’ve bought a few things from Kogan and haven’t had a problem. Now if Google Assistant would just show up on my 6P already.

    Darren Ferguson

    After my last interaction with Kogan I will never use them again. Hopefully Amazon runs them into the ground when they launch.