Google Assistant is about to get a lot more fun with new tools being added to the Actions on Google Developer platform to assist in making them more fun.

Actions on Google is the developer platform introduced by Google that allows third party developers to use an API to integrate into Google Assistant.

Google noticed developers using the Actions on Google platform to create games, such as Akinator and SongPop and obviously liked the idea. Now new tools and libraries are being added, including a new sound effect library, and a handy guide on how to bring text based games to Google Assistant.

The Sound Library will include a number of sound effects including airplanes,
slide whistles, and bowling, cats purring, thunder and many more, allowing developers to spice up games or even just plain old interactions on Google Assistant.

The guide for creating text based games is extremely interesting to an early computer gamer, as Google reminds us many of these old-school text based games/interactive fictions are now ‘open source or in the public domain’ so they’re essentially open slather.

Google Assistant is fun, but it’s about to get a lot more fun with these new tools. Imagine a ‘Choose your own Adventure’ or a game of Zork in your Assistant, I`m game for it.

Source: Google.
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    Dean Rosolen

    If only Google Assistant would actually show up on my Nexus 5X.