ANZ bank has today announced plans to roll out voice print identification as the next step in biometric security for mobile apps, securing transactions over $1,000.

The new feature will begin testing immediately in a pilot involving a select group of ANZ customers and ANZ staff, before rolling out more widely to customers in the ANZ Go Money mobile app in May. Previously customers would have been required to front up to a branch, or use internet banking to complete higher value transactions, but the new voice recognition software will negate this need.

The voiceprint security model will be provided by world-leading voiceprint and biometrics company Nuance. Nuance has previously provided voice biometric security for other financial institutions such as Barclays Wealth, and has been a world-leader in voice recognition software, including owning well known voice dictation software company Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Managing Director Customer Experience and Digital Channels, Peter Dalton said

One of the key challenges today for banking as the world becomes more digital is making it easier for customers to do what they want to do in a safe and secure way. Voice biometrics is the next step in making banking more convenient for our customers while also strengthening security.

According to Mr Dalton, a voice print can contain up to 5-10 times more makers than a persons fingerprints, with the voice print analysis technology able to differentiate between similar voices including the difference between identical twins, and even recognise voice recordings. It’s also a lot easier. Mr Dalton went on to say

We also know that people are becoming more comfortable with using their voice to do basic commands on their devices, so we see this is a natural extension of current technology and we are expecting this to be a popular enhancement of our mobile apps.

As well as appearing in the Go Money app in May, the voice print identification software will also be rolling out to other digital services in the ANZ portfolio.

At this stage, my only wish for with this implementation is that all ANZ customers are required to record the passphrase “My Voice is my passport, verify me“.

ANZ Australia
ANZ Australia
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    I personally would like to set it for any amount. I know $1,000 is nothing to the ANZ, but to me its like $10,000.
    While we are at it, do something about tap-and-go. We should be able to opt out of that!


    Good idea but I am ditching ANZ after they decreased their credit card awards and points and raised there fees including ditching Amex cards.
    The banks are trying hard to push us away from the big 4.

    What happens if you have a cold or sore throat, you lose access to your funds whilst you are sick.

    Daniel Tyson

    I had to have a conversation with St George in January while I was in Vegas for CES, but I had completely lost my voice….Fun times.


    Well that sucks 🙂


    They have to pay for Apple Pay, and Apple’s cut somehow …


    So they charge even android users to compensate fees for apple pay ?