Everyone hates it when a USB cable stops working suddenly. It always happens at the most inopportune time — Murphy’s Law. Now many companies are making much more durable cables, one being Belkin. Today Belkin have released a USB Type-C version of their Kevlar-reinforced cable.

The Mixit Duratek USB Type-C cable are designed to not just be ultra-durable and tough but also stylish and elegant. The cables undergo a rigorous testing process which results in them being USB-IF Certified and coming with a 5-year “limited” warranty.

The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) “is a non-profit organization to promote and support the Universal Serial Bus. Its main activities are the promotion and marketing of USB, Wireless USB, USB On-The-Go, and the maintenance of the specifications, as well as a compliance program.” In other words, forget about all the dodgy USB cables out there, go for USB-IF and you should be fine.

The Belkin Mixit Duratek USB-C cable is wrapped inside a layer of DuPont Kevlar resulting in a strong, well-protected cable. The connections and the cable itself are extremely flexible due to a flexible insulation inside. This allows the wires inside to move and flex without an damage occurring. The connectors are tested and proven to withstand over 5000 cycles of bending the cable to 180 degrees so you can be sure it won’t break at the connectors as so many cables do.

Coming in a 4ft cable length only the cables will soon be available from the Belkin website and your favourite bricks and mortar stores for a RRP of $39.95. While not cheap it seems with cables you often do get what you pay for. With a 5 year limited warranty you can rest assured you will not be wasting your hard-earned on a cable that breaks easily and leaves you out of pocket.