Wireless audio company Sonos has today announced global availability of their Sonos PlayBase soundbar, which can be yours for $999.

The Playbase is a soundbar, it’s designed to sit below your TV and supply audio from movies or TV shows, or stream music when you want it to. Playbase automatically tunes itself to your living room, to give you a true sound with spatial sound, though it effectively sends only front sound – but with Sonos, you can add two Play One speakers at the rear and a Subwoofer for true 5.1 surround sound.

The spec list for the Playbase is decent with Ten amplified speaker drivers inside consisting of six mid-range, three tweeters, and one woofer. The Playbase takes a single optical input from your TV and then you can connect to the Playbase to stream audio Wi-Fi.

Feature list for the Playbase is fairly good, with Sonos releasing this list:

  • Great sound when the TV is on and music all the time when it’s off: At just 58 mm in height, PLAYBASE’s 10 custom-designed drivers with dedicated amplifiers – six mid-range, three tweeters, and one woofer – offer everything you’d expect from a Sonos speaker, including access to more than 80 music services.
  • A thin, powerful speaker that is radically simple: Designed to disappear within the home, PLAYBASE challenges conventional expectations of sound from a thin speaker. Built from the ground-up by Sonos, PLAYBASE uniquely balances the demands of design, acoustics, wireless and software to deliver great sound in the living room.
  • Sonos for your TV space: Inspired by the simple insight that up to 70% of all TVs stand on furniture and are not mounted to the wall, PLAYBASE was designed to accommodate the way people live at home.

Sonos has been a mainstay of consumer home audio for some time and the Playbase puts them in the market to match up with other home theatre setups on the market. If you have $999 and a wish to update your home theatre setup, check out the Sonos Playbase.

Source: Sonos.
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    I really want one of these! And being marginally less obtrusive than the Soundbar, I might stand a chance of the wife allowing one in the living room… (she hates the visual impact of speakers with a passion).