HTC’s mysterious U Ocean with its edge sensor array is getting close to launch judging by the amount of leaks surfacing with a press render, specs and a new feature card showing the edge display.

The phone will come in at least a red colour option according to a new render courtesy of leak aggregator SlashLeaks. The phone in the render looks good, but does seem to be missing a few features including a fingerprint sensor, and just like the other U series phones, a headphone jack.

From a previous leak courtesy of Evan Blass, the HTC U Ocean will be powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor, and come with either 4GB or 6GB of RAM and either 64GB or 128GB of storage. The phone will have a 3,000mAh battery and a 12MP Sony Exmor IMX362 sensor on teh rear while a more selfie friendly 16MP IMX351 sensor will adorn the front.

New specs also showing up include 4x microphones, one at each corner and dual-speakers with one at each end of the phone, though apparently not on the front.

A 5.5″ QHD resolution display will be on the front, and around the edge will be a touch sensitive panel that can be assigned gestures – either a long or short squeeze. The squeeze action will allow you to launch apps or perform different actions as can be seen in this feature card:

There does seem to be some control over sensitivity of the edge sensor, a welcome addition for anyone who’s used an ‘Edge’ display and found phantom touches to be an issue.

With leaks ramping up, we’ll hopefully see the HTC U Ocean soon.

Source: Android Headlines.
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Lunar Tick

Yep, Dan is a lunatic. There were iPhone users well before Android users, and those guys know that if you’re a true smartphone aficionado, you go with the original, not the second rate Android copy.

James Cychowski

This better not be the htc10 replacement, flagship for 2017, taking out the headphone Jack and dedicated Dac for audio would be a huge downgrade..

John Huwae

Dedicated DAC will be there but headphone Jack won’t be. HTC got rid of it from HTC 10 Evo and U series…I doubt it will be in this phone.

James Cychowski

Then I’ll be out …i don’t want to bring along a dongle just to use a decent set of headphones ?
Htc should stick to the htc10 formula, upgrade the battery,and the camera in a similar size shell.
Leave the industry standard headphone Jack it’s not obsolete

John Huwae

I think when HTC realize this and the other U series are not selling then they will wake up to themselves. They still think they’re one of the big Guns and are trying so hard to be among Apple and Samsung. Despite having market share below Oppo and Xiaomi.

James Cychowski

In my personal opinion Ill be happy with same size phone with 1080p resolution,that would help with the biggest problem I have with the Htc10 battery life which is average at best, it’s got it’s fast charging so that’s a bonus but in all seriousness a 1080p screen is more than good enough I don’t care about thinness HTC phones are fine just keep the bloody headphone Jack!
It’s suppose to be a premium device
So include a headphone Jack!

John Huwae

I agree with battery life on HTC 10 is average especially when using snapchat. 1080p Oled screen like on One Plus 3t would have been a better choice over the 1440p LCD HTC when for.

Let’s just wait and see what they have in store with HTC U. But so far I’m probably gonna wait got HTC 12 or whatever they gonna call it.