The new battleground for tech companies attracting new users is emerging markets. Today Twitter has launched their latest idea, a lighter mobile experience called Twitter Lite.

Twitter Lite works in the web browser of your mobile phone or tablet, giving you an experience in a web app that includes all the features of Twitter such as access to your timeline, Tweets, Direct Messages, trends, profiles, media uploads, notifications, all with a smaller footprint.

Twitter says that the Twitter Lite experience will take up less than 1MB on your device, but offers a host of optimisations including up to 30% faster launch times and faster navigation through the web app.

The Twitter Lite experience allows users to determine their bandwidth usage in terms of multimedia as well. Going into the settings of the web app allows them to force images and videos to appear as a blurred preview instead of a picture until the point they’re clicked on.

There’s a couple of Android specific features for both Chrome users and ‘other modern browsers’ as well, with push notifications supported, as well as the ability to add a widget for the web app to your home screen. There’s also offline support, something important in these emerging markets, which allows you to still view Twitter, without any nagging alerts about losing connection.

If you want to try Twitter Lite out, you can hit the site and give it a go now.

Source: Twitter.