With Google recently releasing the first developer preview for Android O, we’ve had our first look at new features that Google is working on for a potential future release. One of the more exciting features is the inclusion of an Autofill API that will allow developers to provide autofill options on Android Devices.

LastPass is definitely one of the more popular password management services around and on top of tracking your passwords, the service offers the ability to track things like addresses and credit card details. On their blog today, LastPass has confirmed they are actively working to include the new Android O Autofill API features into their app.

This will allow LastPass to seamlessly offer Autofill suggestions in Android without the need to use things like accessibility services, overdraws or custom keyboards. This will be a great improvement, as LastPass’ autofill on previous versions of Android has always been a bit hit and miss.

If you haven’t tried LastPass we highly recommend you give it a go. It’s free for the basic plan, and the paid plan is $12 per year, and well worth the investment.

Are you looking forward to autofill on Android O?