+ Saturday December 7th, 2019

On a day when Telegram rolled out voice calling to Australians even more internet calling has arrived here. Justin Uberti, technical lead for Duo, has announced via Twitter that Duo’s audio calling is now available worldwide.

Duo is Google’s very basic video calling and now with the addition of voice calling adds even more value to the apps, especially for those who just want a basic app without all the confusing and complicated bells and whistles. For those who are wondering, yes it is available here. There is no mention on how well it works, nor how it works such as the details given to us by Telegram but we would hope that it would be secure and the bit rate varied depending on the connection.

Australia screenshot

Do you use Duo? Can you see yourself using this for your internet voice calls over anything else?

Source: Justin Uberti.

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Zeit Geb3r
Ausdroid Reader

How does it differ from Allo?


I love this app, so much simpler than Skype, no account to setup, When you install your app your phone number becomes your account number so then you can video call any family/friends who have installed the app via your contacts list. It uses your phones internet data not your call plan.

Manoj Bhandari
Ausdroid Reader

Did this mean Allo will be discontinued?

Jack Bauer
Ausdroid Reader

Finally, should’ve been available at launch.

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