Google’s Android Pay rollout continues today with the launch of a new Android Pay promotion with Coles offering bonuses for tapping and paying.

The latest promotion offers $20 worth of flybuys points for your first tap when you use Android Pay at Coles, Coles Express, Liquorland or First Choice Liquor. You can also get 5x the normal amount of Fly Buys for your next five taps.

The promo runs from now until May 14th, so if you’re using Android Pay, have Fly Buys and shop at Coles you can get on board.

The promotion is the second in partnership with Coles and Fly Buys after the first launched earlier this year. Google recently partnered with Woolworths for Android Pay, so we may see something similar down the track with Everyday Rewards – Woolworths own reward scheme.

If you want to check it out, head over to the Android Pay promotions site for more details.

Source: Android Pay Promotions.
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    With my bank, CBA, not supporting Android Pay, I thought I would attach my Coles MasterCard to Android Pay to start using it. Android Pay said the card is not recognised. So it comes as a bit of a surprise that this promo is in conjunction with Coles when their own MasterCard does not work with AP. Funny.


    I’m going to have to put the app back on for the points. But otherwise I won’t have it installed as there needs to be a pin to start it. Otherwise if the phone is left unlocked it could easily be used for fraud. Which according to the police is happening a huge amount now with the tap-and-go cards. This will be even worse.


    flybuys, is that still around. I thought that was only for bogans to aspire to a free flight on day.


    You kidding. I don’t use it for flights, just shopping. I’ve racked up $350 in 6 months using emails and mail out bonus points when just shopping for groceries. Going to convert it to JBHiFi gift cards soon to get a new TV,


    Only bogans thing FlyBuys is for free flights. Do you know how long you have to use it for and wait before you can get a free flight? Similar to @disqus_mCPydx3bxm:disqus I use it for shopping and then convert points to Coles Gift Cards and get free (well sort of) groceries. You should try it as it will save you a lot of money.


    Appears to only be certain cards… from the terms:
    “To qualify for this offer you must make your payment using Android Pay loaded with your Westpac Mastercard, ANZ Visa Credit Card or Debit Card, ANZ Mastercard, or ING Debit card”

    So I guess my bankwest card is no good…


    Good pickup. No fun for me either with my Macquarie card.


    No joy with my CBA cards.