Motorola’s Moto range will add a new model this year with the Moto C to take the place of the Moto E as the companies entry level phone.

The leak comes through noted leaker Evan Blass via Venture Beat, who says that the Moto C, will, like the recently rereshed Moto G line, come in both a standard and plus model – the Moto C and Moto C Plus. Both models will be released in black, white, gold, and red as seen below in this render of the Moto C Plus:

The phones will feature 5″ displays, with the lower end Moto C coming with an 854 x 480 resolution, while the Moto C Plus will at least get a 720P HD display.

Under the hood, Mediatek processors will run the show, with a 32-bit 1.3GHz processor with 1GB of RAM powering the Moto C, while the Moto C Plus will get a 64-bit version of the Mediatek processor running at the same clock speed, though with between 1GB – 2GB of RAM.

The Moto C will come in either 8GB or 16GB of storage, while the Moto C Plus will have 16GB minimum. Both models of the Moto C will have microSD card storage.

That extra storage from the microSD card slot will come in handy for pictures, with the Moto C featuring a 5MP rear camera, which will apparently offer fixed focus on 3G, while 4G connections get auto-focus. The Moto C Plus will be getting an 8MP rear camera. Both phones will come with a 2MP front-facing selfie cam.

While the Moto C will come with a disappointing 2350mAh battery, the Moto C Plus is expected to impress everyone with a 4,000mAh battery.

According to VentureBeat’s source, the Moto C Plus will be strictly a 4G/LTE handset, while the Moto C will come in both 3G and 4G models.

No released details have been announced for the Moto C line, nor which markets it will be launched in. We’re looking forward to the impending launch of the Moto G line here in Australia, but it’s always good to see another low-cost option.

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    Bah! 8GB or 16GB of storage is a put off right there. I don’t understand why manufacturers insist on such low storage levels? Apply the space required for the OS and the 8GB phone is simply not worth the effort. The minimum should now be 32GB, period. This phone is destined to fail even before it gets here.


    There is a whole segment of the buying population that will never install an app, any app. They are also generally the ones who won’t know their 835s from their 2.5Ds and will opt for the cheapest, smallest, ‘phone’ so they can ‘talk to their children’.

    Saying that, this phone will need to be below $100. It’s Coles cheapo fodder with those specs.


    You are right. It was folly of me to think that eveyone wants to install apps. I think to my dad. He has a smartphone but all he uses it for is phone, address book and calendar. And nothing else. I forgot about that segment of the market. But I agree that the phone will have to be a sub $100 phone but I bet it isn’t.


    A decent Coles cheapo fodder.