It’s taken some months, but you can now purchase the Google Earth and Trends Live cases from the Google Store online in Australia.

Google Live Cases are custom printed cases that pair with an app on your phone that can either, in the case of the Live Trends case show you a live wallpaper with ‘the top-trending Google searches right on your screen’, or for the Google Earth Live Case the live wallpaper will show ‘a curated collection of some of the most striking landscapes from Google Earth’.

Unlike the Places, Artwork and Photos Live Cases available on the Google Store which you can get for the Nexus 5X, 6P and Pixel/Pixel XL, you can only purchase the Trends and Google Earth Live Cases for the Pixel and Pixel XL. The Google Trends Live Case is available in Asphalt or Sunset colour options, while the Earth Live case comes in three options: Antarctica, Ceel Dher or Moindou.
Google Earth:

Google Trends:

The cases will set you back $60 each, they’re not bad in terms of a case and you can read more about our thoughts on the Live Cases here.

If you want a Live Case, you can head to the Accessory section of the Google Store and check out the selection now.

Source: Google Store.