AI and machine learning are the buzz words at the moment. Google are continually expanding the uses for their AI programs and this week introduced an AI-based fast drawing program for everyone, AutoDraw.

AutoDraw is a web-based tool that combines machine learning and pre-drawn images, drawn by artists who do know what they are doing. It attempts to guess what you are drawing and matches it with its list of pre-drawn drawings. It then replaces your average drawing with one drawn by a talented artist from their database.

AutoDraw is based on one of Google’s AI experiments, “Quick, Draw!” and works on your phone, computer or tablet. The artists who have submitted the drawings for AutoDraw are listed on the Google Blog but for those who fancy their drawing skills there is the option to submit your own drawings.

The tool is a bit of fun although it will most likely have very little real world functionality aside from amusing yourself for a few minutes. Go and check it out and let us know what you think.

Source: Google Blog.
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Google Docs has something similar (and more practical) in which you can sketch a symbol (think unicode, greek letter symbols, alpha, beta, delta, omega etc. among thousands of others) and it gives you options to select the correct one to include in your document.


This is an awesome way to quickly find icons based on something vague in your head. What a great idea!


Good idea!