Google has today moved their VR aspirations for everyone a step closer to reality, introducing an updated version of Web VR which works with their low-cost VR headset, Cardboard and the Chrome browser on Android.

The foundations for Web VR were laid in February when Google started introducing Web VR into Chrome but that was for Daydream ready phones only, a group of hardware which at this stage is fairly limited. Google on the other hand has announced that they have shipped more than 10 million cardboard headsets, meaning there’s a lot of willing peepers out there waiting to take the next VR step.

There’s a range of Web VR content already available for Cardboard and Chrome on the WebVR Experiments website. There’s games like Ping Pong, or exploration apps, and lots more which you can see in the launch video for Web VR:

Google is intending to bring VR to the masses, if you don’t yet have a Cardboard headset you can still play with the VR experiments on your desktop or phone in 2D. Google also intends to make Web VR compatible with other major VR platforms like the Oculus Rift, which we imagine will extend to the Oculus powered Samsung Gear VR as well, and our personal favourite VR headset, the Steam VR powered HTC Vive.

Source: Google.