It hasn’t launched in Australia yet, but watching the new skills being added to Google Home gives us hope it will be awesome when it does. Today, Google has announced new skills for Home which will let it help plan your next trip.

According to a new Tweet from Google, the Assistant in Google Home can now perform a range of tasks for trip planning. Home can track your existing flights, find and track prices for new flights, or find things to do when you reach your destination.

The support page lists of a number of commands you can use to perform these functions:
Get flight info:

To do this: Say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google,” then…
Find a flight “Find me cheap flights”

Track flight prices 

Note: You can only track flight prices for a general location/date, not a specific flight or airline

“How much are flights to New York City in 3 weeks?”
Find a flight to a region “How much are flights to Spain?”
“Cheap flights to Hawaii”
Find a flight to a destination “Find me flights to LA”
“How much is a flight to Las Vegas”
Filter by airline “Find me flights with United”
Filter by dates “I’d like to depart on the 12th of January”
“‘Return on January 26”
“Return one day later”
Filter by stops “Find me non-stop flights”
Next flights “What is the next flight to Paris?”
“Next flight to Chicago”
Route schedule “What is the schedule of flights to London”

Get information for existing flights:

To do this: Say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google,” then…
Hear date / time/ airline /destination /origin of next upcoming flight “My next flight”
When is my upcoming flight?”
“What time is my upcoming flight?”
“My next <United> flight”
“My flight to <New York>”
Hear on time/delay status

“Is my flight on time?” 
“Is my British Airways flight delayed?”

Hear date / time/ airline /destination /origin of upcoming multiple flights

Note: You will hear information for your next three scheduled flights

“When are my upcoming flights?”
“What times are my flights?”
“My <United> flights?”
“My flights in <December>”

Find fun things to do on your trip:

To do this: Say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google,” then…
Find things to do by location

“Things to do in Paris”

The tracking of flights, though initiated on Google Home, will be handed over to email, or Google Now with cards popping up at intervals to display the information.

There’s a heap of verbal commands to try with Google Home on the support page, but it appears to be US-only for now…just like the availability of Google Home. We can only hope some of these features will make it here when it launches.

Source: Google.