Lenovo’s Moto Z2 is an exciting prospect with the modular capabilities and now, thanks to Android Authority in collaboration with @onleaks, they’ve created a render of the phone from all angles.

The biggest design note from our standpoint is the return of the headphone jack which Moto controversially left off the original Moto Z.

With the Moto Z2 Force, Motorola will apparently bring Cat 16 LTE speeds, a feature most likely thanks to a Snapdragon 835 processor. The wireless speeds could be improved by a new design change with a thin band around the entire device which will be tied to four antennas in the phone.

The camera setup, as previously seen, includes a dual-camera arrangement. The camera sits above the 16-pin connector which is used for attaching the growing range of Moto Mod accessories which include options such as power packs, improved cameras and more.

The ‘Force’ version of the Moto series phones, are designed to have a shatterproof screen, though so far we haven’t seen the Force version of the Moto Z launched here in Australia.

We hope to see the new Moto Z launched around June this year, around 12 months from the launch of the first mod packing Moto Z.

Source: Android Authority.
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    Lee Hall

    Well the play version had a headphone jack, all this says to me is that this force version will have a headphone jack. If the standard Z model is as thin it may still not have a head phone jack


    Nice..worst thing Lenovo did was removed the headphone jack..

    Phill Edwards

    Think this could be my next phone. Good news about the headphone jack. Not only is it needed for, well, headphones but also for selfie sticks.