At the Facebook annual developer conference, F8, subsidiary Instagram has announced a new offline mode for Android users.

The feature allows most of the functions available online will be available offline with the changes made offline syncing up next time you go online. With offline mode on Android, you can still view images in your feed, save media, look at your own profile or profiles you’ve viewed before, unfollow users and of course like and leave comments

The impetus to add more offline features to Android was that 80% of Instagram users – there’s now 600 million of them – are outside the US. A large majority of Instagram users are on Android thanks to well priced handsets available in most countries around the world, including in developing nations where offline mode in apps is very much appreciated due to limited bandwidth.

The functions are available now, so next time you’re offline you can still do all your Instagram’ing on the go.

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free
Source: TechCrunch.