Early last month we reported on some new innovative Moto Mods that were showing up on the Indiegogo “Transform the Smartphone Challenge” website. Following funding the next step in the process is getting a working prototype built to show to the Lenovo execs in Chicago — to be eligible for more support and funding. My favourite from last month, the Keyboard Mod, has its working prototype ready to go.

The working prototype shows the keyboard sliding out and tilting into various positions although the final product will include much more functionality. The final product will include an LED backlight to the keyboard, connection lighting and a battery indicator.

The keys look very similar to those that were on the HTC Dream/G1 with soft touch and a distinctive travel upon touching them. The keyboard is also planned to come in different colours to match the colours the Moto Z comes in.

Currently the mod only has reached just under $49,000, short of it’s $100,000 target so if you have a Moto Z variant head over to Indiegogo and show your support with your wallet.

Source: Indiegogo.
Via: Phandroid.
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Funny that, I still have my Nokia N97 somewhere in a storage box. Looks very familiar


In a way I am surprised there have not been more of these official keyboard and or game controller mods for phones. Adding a usable keyboard starts to make a phone more geared to doing real work. Sure there is onscreen keyboards but they take up a lot of screen real-estate. I am not sure if this has its own battery or not but It should so the back-light does not drain the phone and if anything might extend the phones life another few percent. If I had a compatible phone I know I would likely get one of these… Read more »