After teasing users with multi-user support last week, Google has today announced the feature is live and will support up to six users.

After connecting your account through the Google Home app, multi-user support will now respond based on the voice profile of users allowing individually tailored responses for queries like ‘Hey Google, tell me about my day’. The individual voice profiles are the key here, with Google Home responding to queries and switching between accounts with no issues…at least that’s how it goes in the demo video Google has shown off.

To connect an account in Google Home, there will be a card – likely the card we saw pop-up briefly last week – and then select ‘Link your account’. There appears to be some sort of training program to teach Google Home your voice print, and from there it’s good to go.

It’s a US-only feature for now, with UK users, who only just officially started to be able to buy Google Home, having to wait for the function at some stage down the track, or use English (US).

It’s another feature in a long list of features that Google Home has now acquired. By the time Google Home launches here, we should hopefully have quite the complete home assistant.

Source: Google.
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Has anyone got this working on their Home in Australia with their phone set to English US?