The Samsung Galaxy line is pretty great, and it’s getting better with Google announcing that from the Galaxy S8/S8+ onwards Galaxy devices will be getting special Google Play Music integration and bonuses.

According to their announcement today, Google is partnering with Samsung to offer Google Play Music as the default music player and music service on new Samsung phones and tablets globally.

The partnership will offer bonuses like a free three-month trial of Google Play Music – including access to YouTube Red (if it’s available)- giving Samsung customers access to over 40 million tracks.

Google Play Music normally offers users the opportunity to upload 50,000 tracks of their own to their music locker, but Samsung owners will also be able to upload double that – that’s right 100,000 tracks of their own music.

There will also be integration with Samsung’s assistant Bixby. According to Google ‘Subscribers will be able to ask Bixby to play their favorite song or music for dancing and it’ll start playing on Google Play Music instantly’.

Source: Google.
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    Sarah Rucker

    Can I be tracked by my e-mail

    Ryan Stevens

    @zoozazooo:disqus I appreciate what did you. When I say the title then I though it’s for all Samsung Galaxy devices.

    Nicolas Wingding Redfern

    You should probably update that post title to reflect that it’s only for Galaxy S8/S8+ onwards devices only. Right now it seems like it’s for all Galaxy devices.


    So this is what samsung found after ditching milk music. Thought they will give google music lifetime free like milk music ?


    Interesting that Google would make a separate version that supports bixby. I guess that’s worth having it as the default player.

    100k track vault…I think I’ve barely cracked 15k on mine, and that’s with uploading audiobooks.