If you’re a fan of running, and zombies you may be familiar with the app Zombies Run. There’s good news for users with the app about to add Google Fit support as well as Android Wear 2.0 support.

The app basically has you running away from Zombies as you run in the real world, with zombie attacks happening through an audio story that plays while you run.

The app is great, but missing Google Fit support has been a downer for some, but it’s arriving this month according to Six to Start, the company behind Zombies Run. The Android Wear 2.0 update may take a little longer, with an ETA for that listed as ‘in the coming months!’.

Along with Google Fit and Android Wear 2.0 support, a new season of the story – season 6 to be precise – is about to launch as well. Season 6 will feature rabid monkeys, Cthuhlu cults, and hordes of zombies with the first two missions of season 6 to launch next week on Wednesday.

If you’re a fan of unique running experiences then Zombies Run is a pretty decent option, try it out now on Google Play.

Zombies, Run! 11
Zombies, Run! 11
Developer: Six to Start
Price: Free