If there was any doubt that the Moto Z line was getting ready to debut its next device I think it’s time to put those doubts aside. Today we’re getting our first good look at the Moto Z2 Play, just like the earlier leak of the Moto Z2 it looks as if Motorola/Lenovo is making good on their promise to continue support for their popular Moto Mods launched with the Moto Z.

Just as they are on the Moto Z2, the pogo pins for the software connection of Moto Mods (of which there will be quite a few soon thanks to the “Transform the Smartphone Challenge” competition) are present again.

There’s not a lot to distill from this image, however, you’ll notice on the rear of the device a headphone jack cutout down the bottom. It seems Lenovo has understood the mistake of removing the standard port and has acted in consumer interest and added it back. The fingerprint sensor also seems to be changed to the same as it is on the Moto Z2 from the first iteration of these phones.

The other little tidbit is the date and time on the screen, while this may just be a random data and time, Thursday the 8 of June may just be the launch date of the device? We have seen the date of announcement leaked like this in the past. With such good quality images already leaking it’s safe to assume there will be more leaks to follow.

Source: Technobuffalo.
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Adam J

Moto Z Play here; I suspect it is actually the more popular device due to price point and amazing battery life.

Here’s my (over)analysis of the pics: The sizing of the Z2 Play looks identical to the first version which makes sense for mods The volume buttons look closer together and set apart slightly from power. The fingerprint scanner is oval rather than square. Front flash appears to be upgraded to dual-tone. Rear camera has a slightly different appearance with an extra ‘ring’. The pogo pins are more subtle, though the style covers cover these anyway.


Moto Z Play had a headphone jack, do the presence of one on the Z2 Play wouldn’t be adding it back

Phill Edwards

Me too, one these will be my next phone.


Headphone jack and I’m in.
The internet is full of people that say it doesn’t matter. It matters to me.

Edit: ahh this is the Play. Well let’s see what happens.


Looking forward to the specs on this!
Currently using Z play now and really love this phone with the huge battery life and dual SIM 4G + 3G + Global LTE support + dedicted SD Card slot. The SD 635 handles everyting so far.